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How Drupal is Working to Enhance Security

Security is always a hot topic in the open source world, and a content management platform like Drupal is no exception. In October of 2014, for example, an SQL injection vulnerability was discovered. Users only had seven hours to patch. Like a doomsday clock ticking down in Mission Impossible, if they didn't patch within that time frame, their site would be exposed to the hack.

Tips for Easier Drupal Migration

It can be intimidating, frankly. Just the word "migration" can send chills up the spines of users.

Especially when the process can vary so widely, as notes:

Migration involves mapping data fields from the original application's database into Drupal's database. For some applications this can be a simple task, with tools or scripts available to do the migration. Other applications may have complex database schemas, lack documentation, and are uncommon enough that there are no tools available.