Based in Oklahoma, VM(doh) is a web development and operations management firm that strives to help you get a great return on your investment on the Internet.

We believe that you should not be hindered by your developer simply not wanting to do difficult work. At VM(doh), we believe that (nearly) anything you want your website to do is possible given the proper resources. After all, its just data.

We also believe that your website should be universally and constantly accessible, which is why we like to ensure that your website can be used through various platforms (web, tablet, mobile, etc). Additionally, we also specialize in providing cloud hosting services optimized specifically for your application, as well as ensuring compliance with various accessibility and security standards.

Founded in 2009 by Brian Altenhofel and building upon his experience in web development and systems administration for projects of various sizes, VMdoh will work with you to ensure that your organization can make the most of the web!

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