We have reached the point of a year when people start reflecting on the year they have had. People will make promises to do things differently the next year, but not everyone fulfills those promises. 

Many people's lives will not be negatively impacted if they do not fulfill those goals and promises. However, when a business sets a goal and does not come through, things can be quite different. Every year, there is always something new. What was popular the year before is no longer popular because a new trend has emerged. 

With the evolution of technology and websites, a company's website can become vulnerable because there is not much attention placed on website maintenance. When a company is not focused on website maintenance, hackers have an easy target. If you had worried about your website and how much protection it provided this year, you may want to make changes in the new year. 


Do you have a policy that requires your employees to update their passwords after a certain amount of time? If not, you may want to consider starting this practice. If your employees have passwords that are easy to guess, important data is at risk of being stolen.

Passwords should be difficult for anyone else to figure out. If you want to avoid hacks and easy attacks from online thieves, you should encourage your employees to make their passwords more challenging to guess.

There are several creative ways to create new passwords that no one else can figure out. You may think this is too much work, but it is necessary if you want to protect your website and your company's data. You want your passwords to be sure so all of the accounts and data will also be secure. 

Are You Able To Manage Your Website?

If you struggle to manage the information on your website, you may want to consider changing the content management system you use, if you are using one at all. There are several options to choose from if your CMS is not effective. Drupal is a great example of CMS platform that you can use. 

Is The Content On Your Website Updated?

Your website should be updated with current and informative. It may not be easy to keep the website updated, but it is a good thing to do. Once you become accustomed to making updates to the website on a regular basis, it will become something that you will enjoy doing and you will never forget to make updates. 

You want to encourage people to view your website and visit it again as often as they can. You do not want them to view your website and forget about it because your website has not been updated. An updated website can also ensure that people see your website in the search engine rankings.


If the power goes out one day or if a natural disaster hits, will your company's website be negatively impacted? If you are using a cloud backup strategy, you may not have to worry so much. On the other hand, if you are not sure what will happen to your website, you will certainly need to find out what is going on with your disaster recovery plan.

When you look through all of this information, you may realize that you need to make several changes. You should make these changes while you still have time. 

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