Cordell Package Store

I designed this website in Gimp and developed it in Drupal 6 for Cordell Package Store. Cordell Package Store is located on the east side of Cordell, Oklahoma, at Main and Crider.

I found this website to be a test of my CSS skills. From the beginning, I didn't want it to look like "just another Drupal website." And considering comments I have received from third parties, I would say that I did a decent job at not making it "look Drupal" in the traditional sense. That said, after finalizing the design it was a learning experience to figure out to make it work as a Drupal theme.

From the beginning, the client wanted a "rustic" feel and also like the idea of the website being the pages of a book. I figured the most fitting navigation would be tabs on either side. Normally, most developers would do these tabs as images. However, I decided I'd see what I could do with CSS. Both sets of tabs are your standard unordered lists normally used for navigation on websites - there's just a lot of CSS (including DirectX filters for Internet Explorer) to make them work.

The other design element that I am very proud of is the product photos that you see across the background. It's another unordered list generated by a Views Display pulling 6 random products from the galleries. While it was fun getting it positioned with the rest of the website still functioning correctly (because it was thought of near the end of the project to help fill out larger screens), I really enjoyed working with rotations to make them look like they were randomly placed there.

The main purpose of the website is to have a presence online and give a taste of what this beer, wine, and liquor store in Cordell has to offer. That's why it contains many of your standard Drupal CCK + ImageCache + Views photo galleries. Nearly every image you see on the website has been processed through ImageCache.

One other feature this website has is the Drupal for Facebook module. Through this module, the website is serving a simple Views Display to a tab on Cordell Package Store's Facebook page. This tab shows a slideshow of all of the specials going on at the current time.

This was a very fun project to work on. I knew it was going to be a test of my skills, and I personally think that I passed. One important thing that I've learned from it is that you can make a Drupal site that doesn't look like Drupal.


Cordell Package Store