VM(doh) offers Drupal support and maintenance services. This service is aimed at those who already have a Drupal website and would like an effective and affordable solution to provide ongoing maintenance and technical support.

We can troubleshoot issues that you are experiencing with your website, perform routine maintenance, manage backups, and provide monitoring for your Drupal website. We also offer support for standard LNMP+V stacks.

This service does not include actual implementation of development work beyond relatively simple tasks.

Drupal Support

  Basic Premium Enterprise
Support Coverage Business Hours Extended Business Hours 24x7
Support SLA Within 2 Hours Within 1 Hour Within 1 Hour
Web Tickets 12/year 24/year 24/year
Email Support   x x
Phone Support     x
Backup Management x x x
Risk Assessment x x x
Module And Security Updates   x x
Deployment Assistance   x x
Migration Assistance     x
Performance Monitoring   x x
Load Testing     x
Application Monitoring     x
Security Analysis     x
  $3,500/site/year $11,000/site/year Starting at $18,500/year

Drupal Maintenance

Just need someone to maintain your site? We offer options for both pay-as-you-go and prepaid blocks of hours. This service includes applying module and security updates, updating content, and non-development tasks such as implementing new Views displays, modifying Views displays, and modifying existing Panels layouts.

Rate Price Description
Basic $200 per hour This rate applies to most tasks that can be done remotely over the Internet. This rate also requires that tasks be scheduled at least five business days in advance. We'll let you know before scheduling whether a particular task should fall under another rate. Billable hours are in 6 minute increments with a half-hour minimum.
Premium $300 per hour This rate applies to tasks that have not been scheduled at least five business days in advance. Billable hours are in 6 minute increments with a half-hour minimum with the exception of certain specialized tasks. Specialized tasks such as deployment assistance or performance tuning have a one-hour minimum.
Emergency $300 per hour This rate has a two-hour minimum and applies to tasks scheduled with notice of less than 24 hours, outside of normal business hours, and certain holidays. Additionally, this rate can be applied if your task request that otherwise meets the requirements of the Basic and Premium rates required rescheduling of other clients' tasks to fulfill.


If you would like to purchase blocks of time at a discount, we offer the option for you to pay in advance.

Hours Price
24 hours $4200 or $175 per hour
48 Hours $7920 or $165 per hour
96 Hours $14,880 or $155 per hour
Additional Hours 6-hour blocks at the rate of the original purchase


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