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Ensuring Consistent Configuration Across Drupal 7 Environments

Cloning from production is bad. Here are some configuration management best practices for Drupal 7.

How We Test Drupal 7 Modules on Travis CI

Travis CI makes testing easy, especially with third-party integrations. We'll show you how to test your Drupal 7 modules on Travis CI.

Webform Options by Bundle

We've released a module allowing you to dynamically generate select list options of entities for your Webforms.

Using Elasticsearch for Drupal 7 Search

We're big fans of Elasticsearch. It is significantly easier to deploy, manage, and scale than SOLR in our experience. Since we've already been using Elasticsearch for indexing and storing system logs, it makes since for use to use Elasticsearch as the search backend for our clients' websites.

Openstack Marconi as a Queue Backend for Drupal

Leverage the cloud by running Drupal queues through Openstack Marconi.

Must Have Drupal Module: Advanced Text Formatter

If you have a content manager that likes to use inline images in the Body field of a Drupal site, you might run into an issue where they want an image inserted at the beginning of the field but don't want it to display in a teaser. Of course, you could tell them to use the "Summary" part of the body field to manually set the teaser, but some content managers tend to forget about that, and you're also dealing with an issue of entering data twice. No one wants to enter anything twice if they don't have to (even if it is merely copy and paste).

Centralizing Logs with Lumberjack, Logstash, and Elasticsearch

We've all done it. When we needed to find something in a log, we just did a cat or a tail and piped it to grep. Maybe we told grep to also show us X lines before and after what it found. That works fine and dandy when you've got just one or two servers. But what about 30, or 300, or 3000?

A Better Way of Deploying Drupal

About a year and a half ago, I came across a post by Miguel Jacq about deploying Drupal automatically with Jenkins. I had grown tired of the manual backup->upload->test->crossFingers->pray->yellExpletives approach to developing or upgrading a Drupal site.

Drupal 7 WYSIWYG - as a FEATURE

Every Drupal developer knows that there many configuration settings that are similar between the sites that they build, whether it's a personal preference or a trend among clients. And every developer that has been around Drupal more than a few minutes knows about the Features module.